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ideas and technological endeavors. lou will will will will. and. the wild. i'm certainly coming up over the next hour or debate focusing on education standards around the world the latest international survey shows the station students for the best by far in every category friends in the uk struggling to keep their heads above water. what makes a good score and prepares students to compete in today's world. we've got peaches analysts and economists who carried out surveys which seemed to give you their opinion an opponent
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after that. first though international news. thank you city and these are the headlines to see mya has been out from under it shot dead outside his time in pay rates. the shiite militant group was quick to accuse israel which denies any involvement. protesters refused to leave she as independents ladder onto the prime minister warned the opposition to stop asking making a difficult time. and then to make it to print the building faces hefty fines on anyone paying this tax to head to the senate and the next two. says israel will suffer the consequences for measuring a senior. c'mon get this wednesday. kason of lackey said patio weapons and explosives expect place to have some estrada was killed outside his client and southern bay rates at the last few months several targets linked to a spot on which is backed by iran and unfolds in syria have the instructor didn't attend but just on the reports it
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was about midnight when the sun maliki has returned to his home in southern b route. he had reportedly just parked his car when he was shot dead by unidentified gunmen we went downstairs and found him in his calls kill and abuse. maybe he was trying to get alchemist on and they were watching him so this is easier to discard or facial and a hezbollah described on wiki says the high level commander who had often been targeted in the past. the lebanese shiite militant group lead the killings on its autonomy israel denied any involvement. a sunni group called the at her house soon and all that brigades claimed responsibility and twitter hezbollah fighters backed by iran have been fighting alongside cousin and the sherman such forces against the mainly sunni rebels. this has fuelled sectarian violence back in london on. last month a sunni group attacked the iranian embassy in beirut car in retaliation for hezbollah's involvement in syria. just hours before the shooting
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hezbollah chief hassan nasrallah accused saudi arabia having a hand in the bombings. this group leader he sold. the i'm convinced there's a link with saudi intelligence services with the director was like this one all around the world saudi arabia and iran have long been fighting for regional supremacy. saudi support for syrian rebels tests from syria into their battlefield in the proxy war between the two powers the break ins will be punished. the warning from ukraine's prime minister this wednesday is anti government protest is remain outside government buildings in seattle so independents glad that the other restless thoughts by pressing any private spot tracking on a trade deal with the eu but actually come to russian pressure. that was two weeks ago then prime minister thousand roff says the reasons for the protest being exhausted the ukraine's three paris ap a former presidents disagree voicing support this wednesday for the anti government protests with more from tafe is our
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correspondent come across with this stage it extraordinarily out sound system protection so that the huge screens on the sides of buildings and more and more packed into a few can tell that to their oath of dodge will deny patients dying to try to stay up on the independence square in kiev. the main three opposition political parties have taken that he now of this opposition leader then that is not something that all of the grassroots activists who i initially thought that this protest against the big piano cut it in its decision not to sign the association agreement with the european union unnecessarily very happy about it a question that i could see lights on because l a and p commuted to the center spot seek the kitchen to have a good idea. watching astro still i need one. it's a very good thing i can without any kids the legion. it's time for a few bits on top. these kinds of stuff i selected the lexicon eight people
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have to defend it. she's liable to not let your husband he added. i just did not love that supports it or its actions ideas for crafts politicians don't stop taking it to be difficult and peoples. they needed to go but i think that the right to say that they had planned to continue protesting peacefully. bill thursday that had been stressing that they considered this to be illegal and it's widely believed rent a video thirty odd considering the use of force in order to break up the demonstration. in thailand's a seance the security forces take a step not the government has called on price as needed sits at the tulsa bond to some friends up and face the charges against him including direction opposition politician has dismissed the charges and bound to fight song on through the accounts of respect to the king's that they were just too are a bad thing. many thais typing became can step and as he's done decisively before to ease the current state. now jen biden is in china a day
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off for accusing it of accessing its name as the us vice president voiced opposition to china's new and defense and above disputed islands in the east china sea after meeting with china's president seeking painters i mention that these tensions to most open looks the meetings with officials went first on the agenda after two by untouched and increasing us vice president of them to fit the witness of christ eat or to the american embassy. i can for us the future he says shaw. they are for the leaders. call it the only way you make the remainder of the great wall was all a statement that could be read as the scientists went to china during the trip to normandy expected to be tense. coming as it doesn't mean just on schools by china's new light and air defense only seen a
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difference for balkan said insert your trip to tokyo by consent the us was deeply concerned by the move and he reaffirmed washington's commitment to keep current. a difficult juggling act for biden to me and politeness one eight in beijing discussion with president xi team came centered on the future of u s china relations. president she said the world's two largest economies that you need to share responsibility for upholding world peace and promoting human development looking into the future we stand ready to work with the us to continue to build a new model of major country relations. respecting each other's core interests. a major concerns while continuing to strengthen international cooperation and communication to deal with global issues she told by an old friend. everything went well over the forty five minute schedule to meet him and commented on the air defence zone just use but it will be on the agenda tensions in the region are at their highest teen years marley's chief prosecutor has announced the discovery
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of the remains of twenty one people in a month's grace this baby can't even achieve that. once they get the countries that the strong man who was rested last week and charged with complicity in kidnapping according to the prosecution of the bodies being found. i meant to say no that would force a likely be charged with assassination the health of presidents is a sensitive subjects here in front said now the private debate is being read tonight to buy presents owns the daily that in fact the twenty eleven before he came to power. he was treated for benign announcement of the prostate prospects need is a grave illness is one in office. the prime minister john ah kit will says has nothing to worry about the way it would be no crew there's absolutely no reason to be worried about french law don't tell them really surprise that this is getting media coverage as are many french people to work when he wants to know about politics newport news. total on his present to the is completely transparent about his health you will continue to uphold
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his promises to speak to them and friend to make is to train one of europe's toughest battles against prostitution and trafficking comprises a one thousand five hundred euro fine on anyone paying for workers complain the government is doing the accounts of living punishing the customer and protecting the prostitutes that's what the new bill against prostitution is hoping to cheap to do it the best pasta will be historic monuments because for the last time from staying for six runs and will only be recognized finest especially violence against women. prostitution is currently legal in france but brothels camping in soliciting spaces are you recall the proposed law scraps the two thousand three ban on soliciting and shifts the blame on the clients. it would introduce a fifteen hundred euro fine for the client followed by mandatory classes to educate them about the consequences of paying for . the text also plans to allocate twenty million euro is to help
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prostitutes want to leave the treat. the move sparked controversy among politicians as well as prostitutes themselves. some here cracking down on clients will make it harder to make a living. some think it will be popular and one reason i'm helping anyone. if you are lethal to bounce and no decision on the go say is saying bought us based analyst cause them to go to work in belgium and spain. in the incident. france's lower house approved the bill despite points for the position even in the ruling socialist party what the senate will now have to ok to build the freebie comes on the boat is set to take place before the summer. that's all for the new service announcement across a bit cc folded it thanks for thiing it was clear pride will have another recap of world news in just about twenty minutes. welcome to come into debates education ministers around the world have been biting their nails waiting for the results of the global education surveys carried out by the oecd every few years and has become the ultimate
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litmus test in which to judge a country school system. it meant a student's ability in math science and reading let's look at the latest results map to see shanghai singapore hong kong the first three positions number one two and three respectively france in the uk number twenty five and twenty six to the total of sixty five countries measured in these surveys. science results showing much the same kind of results that east asian. school systems scoring the highest shanghai hong kong singapore once again number one two and three friends and the uk in mid twenties and the literacy results opening much the same thing with the station systems scoring the highest france and uk also in those middle rankings in the mid twenties. that's always the asian country's top the world rankings that's pretty clear european countries such as france and uk struggling to compete france in particular sliding down the ratings and rankings
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despite spending more on its goals then other countries in the and today we ask how to prepare today's kids for tomorrow's world and make sure they leave school with all the right skills with both those questions the panel this evening justin long is with assistant professor of chinese culture. it's just for the double went to school in shanghai remember is very clearly that was and how that still is and will be telling us about that culture and the education system tonight's asian cup and finished with just a deer head of the middle school for the american section at the least and thomas analysis the moment. that means you have this dual perspective of how the french system or hear you're fully grounded in the french system. you have a loom each group of students who want an american flavor to their. academia. i was a bit with the islamists of cause and get regular columnists of the sunday telegraph that the honey with this and michael davidson is indeed are interested to get your perspective because and of course your team and
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the oecd worked on this report your head of the notices a mouth full head of the division responsible for early childhood education in schools in the directorate for education of the oecd and because of either the main results of these findings actually concerned the immense ability we have a math teacher was with this line from london via sky jeff used as a teacher in a secondary school. if we have a math problem for you later on in the debate so that matt spoke to get that right the wise and don't worry if your students. wounded. mr davidson. with that of the major trends that in these findings what's new about these findings east asian country's top the rankings. we sort of expected. well though so sixty five countries participated in this this is the fifth writing this post to claim that we can go to pizza. him and his view of graphic to the beginning. in this particular in shanghai china hong kong china and
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singapore comical. on each of reading maths and science maths. the main focus of this one time. what's different is that those countries are stopping to preach a hand mirror is likened to thirty nine the last thing we did this he could see north america a year the australasian represented in the school. lincoln country's nine. since none of it all came and my mom thinks that coming from asian countries. time to see the elderly success stories and having great success and baltic countries over sixty five the chesapeake and made some improvement in need of reading maths and science and we see his improvement the toll for the shanghai is in singapore who go on film you can integrate that we've seen countries like poland and germany who going from idiotic cryptic and nine countries like poland actually nice to go on from there the end of it i think it through to the crit so we're seeing improvement across the keys. and i love
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trains is. normally i really can use all of its proponents of systems will selecting it equal education systems up so does the monster with social doctrine you come home i stupidly sixteen going on so we can seek his will in turn is the ability of the school system to attempt to produce a certain standard of. ability. among the different social classes succinctly and so that your social life and doesn't determine whether you succeed in today's successful education systems. how one's that the relationship between social bonds and performances week so that you beat the old space them. you are good friends. amongst the countries of improved and that the tooth losing streak it is natural. it's okay gemini up to the countries of improving going to support people sometimes an equal to sit in the non wing of the i got fifteen students from different social vibrant
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cities of the chains of us seniors nobody can come to the success to its roots. and the sixty five the pacific some of the things that we've seen we've been working out and skin signs i feel confident in my mind thinks and believes the performance disciplinary climbing skills has improved in many countries. and the relationship between students and teachers. so to the extent to which students feel that each group supports among the stones and beads these things have improved as well so awesome it's going to cost me. why do i meet world leaders education ministers why do the authorities care about your survey what has become so important it is the authority and andy became the authority and in a matter of years. miami stop this from to time. why is important because you move people trusted. what's more it simple and cost of all is this globalized world and no
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longer is it sufficient to judge knew the education system or any other aspect of national policy known as insufficient in terms of our national standards you want to see hundred yuan and panache we see that the benchmarks. simple though they are a must win to come into my home. in terms of the individual. awesome signs will succeed with an unsteady can lead to employment. it's important for cornering. and we have some estimates say that if old students across do we see the countries increase their performance you will recall the basic foundation level. mr died something like two hundred trillion dollars to the wealth of nations over the life and the students of this important economy also show that individuals participation and success going. are you confident that this is a good way to test education systems which are by definition are shaped by
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various national cultures. in showing it to me might be expected to stay top of the east asian country to um france's that that's what we'll be talking to or to the us with very different cultures. we've really become in the country to put this to people we become so. this is labeled an oecd study for this is developed and would buy that come to think that this appeal. support these americans and why mention it in maths and science to determine by the countries themselves because they see these three foundation skills is important. of course it doesn't measure everything is going on in schools. they collectively and sixty five countries accepted these other three things that we knew the kids to be able to do and be competent in an oval to succeed late in life and that is to develop multiply and small people who we see the stop loss to no real room. mrs developed by international expansion one in the world to come to see the pacific can conquer
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the titans to do it. hundreds of course as we reached our tastes. there is holiday difficult to advise by the pacific and come to serve and i like them taste like and develop the country says will notice is no fear for my students. i can repeat repeat repeat. asian countries this is a big deal. due to schools look out for this. these are appointed. um placement sane responsible. mr you sure because the scary thing is very interesting it's part of our profession of because of well a well educated populace fuels the country's economy so if you're invested in reworking the new school vs is one thing it's very important feature of the year the report has sent me via the french education system word although it to the prime minister this is the dijon a deal he hopes this report is going to be a national wake up call. this record was a wakeup call for those who think that everything's fine
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and nothing has changed into reforming our governments to implement reforms so that all students are dictated by and no one is left behind to spruce it up. michael davidson mentioned some of the many success stories that highlight it in this report he did mention that and some other country such as france better actually. and doing it it works. many were in that in a previous report. he she did mention that mass was to be that the main thing that was being tested this time around is that the mets class in france and find a home that is being taught. go over to nineteen sixty nine in modern mathematics arrives in french secondary students with the aim of developing new american excellence for all. today the senate this year. we did a skit on and off all the fun of me getting a bizarre the truth. everyone was a bit lost and found a
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new spirit on any current policy. they are mike and i could write down the level of abstraction discourage many students do seem to evoke it i know in twenty thirteen it's like stepping back and scarring. before moving on to obstructions. this starts with a concrete problem. but the aim is to give students the desire to think and discover for themselves phillips is laborious as ever. it had been in this election how nice it was a cure. it is. books that they can attack as his theorem to get this clear retain its all about gathering all the knowledge you happen to find them. i explained that last link is at the end. so evan and understood that i've been talking about three ten exercises on the bubble the guests. this teaching requires three teachers and a maximum of twenty five pupils per class. that is far from the norm and france. students continue to keep up but only
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on me. do you like nuts as it is. not really i find it difficult. in the new document read the french mathematician sydney the nineteenth. the moles the imminent of people who admit to having been the worst and are so screwed she has a big trading of current teaching its custody he's many students to various devices which calls itself the frost rationed. i know all this while if you look at our best mathematicians who wants to win the fields medal most prestigious prize well we have probably the best law school in the world or one of the past. you couldn't agree more. we didn't he. oil firms toes when i left the fields medal the nobel prize and that's second only to the united states in medals one for the same time one in four frenchmen students throwing the towel. a win on
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a dairy minutes oriented nation here in france is going to use math teacher in secondary school in london find out if it's the same for him just then the distance they year of teaching a fifteen year olds i should stress that the peas the test actually test fifteen year old to read talk about the same age group here. um i would assess the level of other interests. for the subject matter in your students do we hurt in that report that a lot of students tend to throw in a towel and and they don't place a high value on maps teaching as a whole as compared to the country. well i bought my mind is the boss and his team will the will to make her want to do well. they think of the obstacles in its fullness. my weight since then. so this theme is accused of financing and fiona are not successful. and
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that the negative impacts on the net. she looks up to. i would agree that generally calm. more of that tendency being in the weights and penalties will not be too worried about the amount of nuts and some of the adults they own sentiments school of law so that it didn't know and when someone sends me home to sign off on me the inside of my students the students. the culture and society even though we couldn't break and the importance of being a finance the thing and something that we should be they have to be an artist and moping. it makes sense how would determines whether student is going to be good in your class or not are there or they're independent fact is that you can single out to determine whether a student will do well or not well i mean i'm in my office it's toll on the uk population and on the states that there is a gap between the students in uk and come from low income backgrounds
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in missoula and its income from school comfortable it's the simple range. i see students from the in a convent school in the sixteen strong very very difficult circumstances achieving very high concern is when is no doubt that some people are more women than cure. not to listen to some of the mask on there's also that the aspect and you get students to come no use. from the average sea level. she has to see a slew of companies let's compare that to. justin along with you experience when you enter the school system in shanghai you tell me when we're preparing this debate hard work for instance is a primordial value. in the education system in the in the colts win the national culture. um and it's something that the parents drill into
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the kids get to it the parents take a peek at a calm mind the cats of them from the end of school too at the beginning of the bed time. i'm not so sue fox dropped five hours time. we stepped into the wind when kids leave school around. so i can get our upright piano and twenty finished at home looking around at ten pm even for a year and a need to work from five pm to ten pm. staff on saying ground and sixty and two at two ten p m mondays are the kids were bowled out for. eight eight years those semi year so that they had seven eight years old the do homework until oh wait we are stuck in america even a handful for four years so it's five days closest everyday and six hours per day. to an intense hour. i did with my recollection of going to school in france and has been going to school in france an inning when did it is that anything like what you did. string. so it wasn't
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enough the one lesson teacher from school who was like the vastness of it and we hated those we have to write all the tenses and it took hours and hours and hours i will say one thing i remember them today and i remember my petition demanding that it is in being in tune to this day i can recite them. i'm not i'm in the debate then went to dresden but honestly that was no valid and we missed that things were told and down to two pm two pm to question. i wasn't any good enough at school but i missed you too can the people i cannot ask u can you make one knew i was playing it i was quite good for a combination of lack of cute ring which means that you can be made to achieve anything because my knee to the need for inmates it's always been the ones that aren't something that you do because you can tune up. and if you all might understand why you do the problems and why it is a theory why he needs you. i
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was led to the end of the space on either the uk the space program's i thought ok this is interesting i stalled. if you know this and that he can find a way about space and that was the way to unlock it and then i didn't for one year history it and i saw the tops but that was to laziness that was not. he has my full prison under the old school. just no one can you imagine that jeff was telling us earlier that sometimes parents say oh well i was very good at math doesn't matter if my kids are buried in mass can you imagine parents in shanghai's thing that i cannot imagine that if i should say that the parents use to hide you your problem i say oh i'm not kidding that's that. it's not it's not your problem you have to be in a mask for you to heal you can make an effort to be the most ever seen. if you can't say that that's the most depressed that the phrase that we pronounce and the parents pronouncing shall hide two decades. we'll get that in just a moment let's take a very short break and we'll be back right after this. hse we were down to
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earth off the coast and oversee a seventh day looking for ways to keep the plant global appetite for fish has never been so high yet more and more. the special ed coming up and see the oceans cannot do this all over the house. the fish that end up in her play. having been called to say they were for it turns out that the future of the end it. ms down to us on full time job. get your fill. well to make a quick look at world leaders before we get back to the debates. a senior hezbollah gunmen shot dead outside his home in beirut. the sun like it's apparently weapons and explosives expert close to some restaurant was killed outside his home the lebanese capital. the shiite militant group was quick to accuse israel which denies any
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involvement. protesters refused to recant independence square after the prime minister warned the opposition to stop escalating political tensions anti government demonstrators are still outside government buildings in kiev. the unrest was sparked by president nan coverage backtracking on trade deal with the european union currently under russian pressure. at least twelve civilians have been killed in fighting in the central african republic children and a pregnant woman a report to be among the victims were slashed to death with machetes that resource as they were killed close to the capsule bang he allegedly by a group of christian and vigilantes. the attack comes as the un security council is set to vote thursday on a peacekeeping troops and major french lawmakers to approve one of europe's toughest goes against prostitution and trafficking. it imposes a fifteen hundred euro fine on anyone paying for . the bill will head to the senate early next year. and in mexico authorities on the lookout for a stolen truck filled with radioactive material
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the truck was on its way to nuclear waste storage facility with a stone and a gas station. the u n s nuclear watchdog says the material in the truck could be extremely dangerous that it poses no risk as long as its container isn't broken that way. debate or two we've been discussing the merits of education systems around the world east asian country's top the rankings in every discipline or reading math science. so what gives them the edge is your doing enough to compare the next generation to compete on the global stage. putting that question to our guests this evening john delong is with her professor of chinese culture it's just cool to put it in covington had in middle school. the american section and in the sense of the status of the monet and was fifth with a columnist for the sunday telegraph and michael davidson the works for the oecd team at bit to get the report ahead of the division responsible for early childhood education jeff hughes and also with this mass teacher in secondary school in london thanks everyone for being
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with us just let us start with you in a tricky one here i should stress our view is that the peas the tests that were talking about. test the abilities of fifteen year olds to use what they learned in class to solve everyday problems that could be that they might encounter in everyday life so that's just given our viewers a sense of what we're talking those problo you. this is a go since about the price of pizzas and pizzeria has two round pizzas on its menu the same thickness but different sizes for the pizza the smallest one has a diameter of thirty centimeters and costs thirty cents fixed moment the biggest one is fourteen centimeters in diameter and costs thirty isn't so which beats that is the best by indicates your reasoning those are just one of the problems maps province that was put to a fifteen year olds around the world just the ticket you got be a god all the information you need will give you a few moments to work on it. thirty
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centimeters thirty cents and thirty centimeters in diameter and cost fourteen cents which pizza is the best by indicator reasoning. we went to work on that one again if our viewers find the answer before you. um i dunno what happen but we live in the back that up so feel free to send that to us via twitter to find it. be the answer. mm michael davidson. or there are statistically. criteria that determine whether a country and an education system is doing well or not. well that depends the schools can be tested significant estate one of fronts is doing better than the oecd out into whether one countries dating back over the net of soap and one thinks always been a mind a lot of attention is given to brian kings of the most sensible composites this with other countries including mobile a mono. the dipper and the question is can you single out the fact is in the swim and dance the new single out the factors which determine whether a country is going to score highly
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pour the entire text mining fine speaking to the analysis the issue is of the konica six of the successful education systems and when you break it down keep those why the station countries even talk about shanghai. why they do so well that summer having high expectations in the education system and those high expectations still totally dense repayments. are you saying about the potential influence and and and enshrine high but the analysis that we do not issue is the importance of spinach giving high expectations of having high expectations for the children and the feeds through to the student's self confidence lack of anxiety in my month excess of things that jeff was talking about it. so the penn clinton's is very important. some have meetings in the psyche of high expectations. teachers always very important coast is often said that the court in an education system context in the quality of its teachers are not very true the type of farming education systems
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invest in teacher quality. so something politicians a face with a dilemma do i reduce class size which can be quite an expensive policy to adopt oh do i invest and teachers the successful education systems and pasting pictures i'm not my beef isn't with the two main criteria there until investment the amount of time they spend with their kids and are on their homework and the importance they give to the academia and teaching quality and all the not me these two things of the temple moses a one off thing which is visiting one as it has also been an education system must be distributed to those crews greatest need of a successful education systems make you an example that the quality of teachers that going to the disadvantaged of challenge goes on at least as good as those that go into the pond to schools and distribution of education is so says but it's money but its quality teachers. it's the materials that teachers are using these must be equitably distributed within the system is a dream coming
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true. i am. we've just heard the list is the statistical breakdown of of of what makes a good education system what makes a bad education system france's sliding down these rankings. mm do we not have those factors. parents don't care about the education to kids day teaching quality not good enough you're a teacher of mine in defence systems and was going on. um well actually think go directly back to work that he's report has revealed which means he is by far the more alarming and is using all of this is that the years and growing disparity between the haves and have nots. mom and in fact it's reversing earlier before coming on air. i mean what with this current peace report is is showing us is that it's no longer about what we teach. i think that if you're going to take the classroom and friends we'll see that teaching is excellent the kids are motivated the inspiration and courage that comes from home the kids are happy to be in
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school. the latest information about this tells us that that is not a u s in case any more. and this is a huge conversation for france because france is obsessed with being a good republican nation. the sense of equality and everybody has access to the education and this report puts it right there you know i flat out that this is the same time. any and it's getting worse. and if like me and i know that in france is that whether you're the son of a factory worker or the son of a company manager regardless your social backgrounds who did the school will level the playing field and i have equal chances the audience at the end of that to come and see a system that has to be yes that's a story tonight and of the many reasons and the left into the room is of course. out of school teachers and now some news too. and change the things
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the ups lady and to teaching which is the cia executed the students and the fact that the world to learn and the fact that they have respect for the idea of learning and there's things that are to society breakdowns. and of the also surprised except in school in him being in the antique houses. pupils who don't even speak properly. and um it's in the wind and the idea that you knew that the myth of the quantity of such people have said no we do not want a special classes to students who need extra help. to me and asked bill special needs which is something else that she means the night in the center down the entire must take care of the students might be promising to call the cops called do not have the tools to understand the language and all and yet visible linking the ones who could be good. all you don't stay down and the scope of the sky mourinho said the onus on the teachers themselves these days has gone into things more difficult than i was fourteen years ago that's typing that need to change. i think it all stems from their
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films often a sixty eight and with a mini was supposed to have the same scooting into the age of sixteen. because otherwise election was endemic to the wood to knock it is the sentiments of action by the ntu its inaction by myself i must say the result is actually the opposite of what the basics to get through three stumps and no one argues the same via twitter that in france socio economic background and stronger negative effect than in most oecd countries which is in the right analysis of the report and to be the viewer before that was actually saying. and you might take issue with this hmm would say it's not that french students are bad at it says that they are not as good as a chinese students but that being average does mean. i'm being bad but let's just make things very clear to that you were the um the lower level french students the bottom of the pile are now at the same level as romania in cyprus according to that oecd report so yes it is in fact
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the case that's on the second tear the lower tier of a preference to boost their level has dropped to tenth in the low average mind reading the report itself. i am in awe not things francaise out or a cd of is that it is only the spot it in me says this is oregon was the lone social outgoing lanes and when you look at the successful education system which at that time high for the top countries in europe to finland estonia and you look at that. the success of students regardless of the bike and is far more prevalent in those countries so those countries mitigate any disadvantage the home button can possess event it is interesting that we call on resilient students a proportion of students from the greatest bargains. we do better than you'd expect them to be given up those bargains in shanghai and hong kong finland these the percentage of students who beat goes on to something like seventy six to st in fines philippine it's only twenty five percent of the head and how do you do
7:41 pm
that. he beat those odds the unique nature of this about to distribute into zoe's is equitable to make sure if possible. hopkins that the high expectations that everybody can achieve an education system and that those expectations he displayed in china i failed to close and be home schooled in shanghai that nobody expects that the children can succeed especially home from the decide to be a mandate to ensure high and in that they have an implant hit upon a potty seat like to see that a fight. if anxiously and it really means selected. i mounted rest of the best of the students and help those quiz on the bottom of the cost to you and dance too cheap to do to progress cialis is kind of policies and to even the worst of the cost he says he knows that he can progress which is kind of help and so we read it in terms of his parents kids and china is doing good
7:42 pm
get a perspective or math teacher geoff an idiot i do it instead of solving a problem. i'm mostly excited at the rnc has quickly what's the answer. the problem was two different pizza size and thickness is from a different price is one of them as thirty centimeters in diameter the other one fourteen centimeters which one is the best buy. via the spot and had to explain your reasoning yet i was on its line is the permanent line. student led the standings this and isn't that could be area the song that began in the top effects of using our own sweat. and you go. this will be to as the years and six we find specific that moment one thousand and six. swenson sleep in a new city to buy buy buy the price of iron and that is the county's classes
7:43 pm
races and get the same you've lost me that we have a history teacher nothing just a question that you know what the point of the exercises just ask you this is the kind of thing that they're asking fifteen year old to test their abilities. you feel that people did that students in your class who would be able to get that one right and that they would be able to get the full or near full marks on the exercise. well i mean it depends on the fifteen year olds and utopian gabriella minus two in the navy i have to reset and it's in my school and my car and the remaining hostages and decency group than that of this the group into thinking the foundation paper and they've been struggling a lot more than those stupid statement on a very talented cast i'm going to bed instead of sunday also think this explains and in doing it themselves and are an example so you may find it
7:44 pm
not. the sentiment each of the eleven year olds to be and soon all that independently and in the morning and then investigate. so some of the few trains on. i mean this this just isn't our conversation about the french republican system where i'm at it suppose to level the playing field and give everybody a say in the same skills and abilities are telling us of being in the english system you have eleven year olds. wherein i said who can solve the problem and yet fifteen year olds were in the bottom said. and who couldn't solve that problem. the death. now it says so. we have to get back to his french system is it's interesting to see how different systems. we choose to manage it and i suppose this is something to you more favorable to this kind of system gave the students who have more ability more sense even if it means that fifteen year olds will then be several years on i'm able to unable to find solution to that and i'm hoping stopped in the system and i don't know whether the fifteen year olds are our action on the map because the second
7:45 pm
thing is possible penalty enough. old when any extra tuition in which case the it's good to have them in a separate pan because then you can. i've taken with them staff and the need to do that they don't know yet that eleven year olds already been with people that is hearing and say hi to the exact context they would make sense of him and i got off the stockton ha ha few expectations home much of an expectation that was there did it in the fast paced time hedging my bets on the swim but sunny. if you teach a fifteen year we need to explain the basics especially in math. if you don't know the grounding in math you can all go and build on that in the kitchen you know an author doesn't matter you can go back to the world you will contact you. it is not linear but not that you don't have a grounding people who are manifold. sixteen year olds if they hear about something more complicated. they were just not know what it would cost too i'm in the eleven year olds do that with the symbol that they will think and act and even the boring give up on it. i
7:46 pm
don't think it's a chance on the system. but teaching is no use and install the reports will win this moral of the things that are a few of the night to light the witches creek typical of appease night in a traditional way of teaching with the teachers and puffing knowledge to get the students which i think is still prevalent in the current system isn't to know what those items acquired thinking skills critical thinking skills been able to solve problems. the traditional form of teaching we are simply stunning in the front and coughing knowledge doesn't provide those skills and so it needs students to be working together in groups and sold in cold and slamming them into the finding that only consolation from me giving the unsuspecting by the teacher simply saying that x is x and y is why sonia has implications but it teaches cheap cheap eats and while i type the first to learning groups aligned with santa that's one of the main means of the school system it does present a nice children and teach them to want to go to taiwan in terms of problem solving your problem solving at school and you have to do
7:47 pm
this is not just somebody telling you stuff and counting on you depend on it and it really begun to take it off to resign even if thirty years ago and problem solving mentioned i needed to have it today i called dimensionals to attach to you i think we'll cross that i cannot get the larger the elephants hero in the room is that for example judge i was talking to you and the efforts and when dining in shanghai i mean these these these are national conversations going on and the prom in france right now everybody is obsessed with having a national conversation we've been talking about what to do with reform french education for a couple of years now and it's just stuck in neutral it's not moving forward on the tv the team needs. i really wanted though it's not clear everybody to participate in many fields invested in yet. it was actually being come up with your wits with being soft here. it's something awesome like to say is is the issue of promise of the non this is something to eat it's very alarming. and i haven't written a report earlier today that they also
7:48 pm
discovered that when given a challenging problem. because again i wanted to slice their own lots of kids in france from all backgrounds but the more the better off backgrounds who are excellent mathematicians they can solve this it's not a problem which really weren't for me is that they've discovered that when french kids were given a challenging problem. they were more likely more inclined to turning a blind piece of paper. in the blank piece of paper for me is hugely symbolic because it talks about not only the fact that they be. they couldn't solve a problem the kids and it's not even that they didn't try it since they also did not feel comfortable enough to make a mistake these didn't feel comfortable enough to take the risk. they were worried there is the society i think i am late tonight and styles is the leading yourself. and to children. it has been calculated by the system it is thus conclude that he's not blend of french child reaches the age of eighteen to twenty oh two has been criticized hundred thousand
7:49 pm
times and she has this isn't easy but it's when he's eighteen easy to criticize a hundred thousand times no don't do this to your own and it's the whole thing is it breeds a generation of young people who have tall poppy syndrome they're afraid that if they are different from the others in beautiful perfume again topped off by fiat five hundred sites. and that's a real threat characteristic me. the french are told that conformist the way to get on in society to be different is to get to be going the way to really get into trouble and ideas especially when you're gone i think you know there are scratches because people are ridiculing including sometimes teachers because this person you have the stupid questions in order to wendy asked intelligent questions and that is something that doesn't exist in france and the identity of the debate but i've been meaning to the duty to be an original they let you be different than you could be an ap an eccentric this awful
7:50 pm
cold for the simplicity in a movement to end up with something that was encouraging to me when i went to bloomington. that's the same problem in china we are taught to be not to be on top of that. not on the top of the class and not to be to show off and on into class and that's why i have a crest and she did she get us there and had to teach you i've pasted a disaster just as we answered question is there is much criticism of students in shanghai me were you afraid this is when they are thriving. yes i've read that which is describing is this team's actually turn a blank page because they prefer to turn in the blank page and get zero and write nothing then they prefer to do that than to the bar in the next week with what we are not the top tier team in half i've been at her knee. we had to write something but maybe something has acted his eyes and nose and no pulling weeds weeds that was
7:51 pm
the correct answer but we have to write something to teach you to complete the paper. adam and matt dunning that well for me it's the equivalent to a bank paper i had initially when you use and tonight he said that china's steel shot high and stay on top of the rank and so i named it best she can dance lessons are united in for my identity as a guy that my intense iceland and the tiny students a meeting to which we interact with very good at math memory these things when did that relative to their name when we enter that i ate. so solving the problems when we went with mommy phase ii exam paper but that does this in a unfamiliar shivaji and demonstrate that at its own retro intelligence and eight oh it's just that. a test on the dance teams. condemning skis. it's more of my awesome
7:52 pm
reviews and is an examination of skills that students need to know not to be successfully in life to its employment with its new study i made on just empty statements. countries like thailand australia netherlands of fall into students to the resistance to fox didn't appease the puck into the eyes and looked to see what happened to the successful stints of the ones that did well on the test. and there's a wide say they do well in from a study and did well and to prevent the labor markets will continue full of new students will be fascinating to see our top story the mage is so that is going to be an element of its students i used to doing tests on the kind that uses an opponent in a few more comfortable with them but they are near the evidence is showing of amazing skills of relevant of the future success. i just wanna come back to this point about it you know the anxiety in the highly enough of the blind people and to develop and seemed to be a
7:53 pm
failure. this seems to be all about how to speak it's struggling students have dealt with the education system. i think is to shine i sandwiched in the likes of finland in estonia these are high performing countries as well. then the vague effective mechanisms for identifying winston is struggling and providing support. lots to do that what you see in front so there is the regret is that many systems though students with their due rights. france still students what they're doing wrong. i could've chosen and one particular statistic which has a reputation that is still prevalent in front of cars and moved over the years. so this is wonderful when you have to do the same year that ended in a foreign concept that it will be a foreign concept to some of our views because it is prevalent in france happens a lot but in the system is very rare and hispanics. it is as its booming analysis come to the hop but higher level of good grade competition and came out to be the highly successful ones tend to be
7:54 pm
ones with but i went to spot it isn't the phones. there's twenty eight percent is a great addition in france as compared to the european average of about twelve percent. hais improves and fronts and since the new tooth a century but is still much higher than the oecd average. and as expensive as well decide something like ten percent to the average cost of teaching a student so it's of a honeydew with the students and the butler is winners and won the systems that do this the most successful education systems and you get like this but it is between the successful stint on the unsuccessful ones so that is a systemic thing that can be changed it seems to be changing because it's improving since the peasantry is still a long way to go the funds to be about the time and it was just a few minutes flip it to adrian lam. what is the oh what is the road ahead for countries that are only average performers or for performance we've been talking about france the euro is the very
7:55 pm
involved in the french education system. oh the things i think i think will win every single day i think we've we've got a really good friends. he's really got to be certain of the new realize that the national conversation that's gonna take place tested again involve everybody but has to have very clearly defined goals and objectives. it's the first thing on and over time you about these is hugely cultural and cultural i don't mean in terms of national culture i mean in terms of the educational culture. on the radio the statistics that leapt off the page for me this morning and tease me is the fact that on the street kids who come from for such economic backgrounds when they were asked what does an education ean to you how important is it. it's french kids from these pieces defence families were you know i almost universally staying in education doesn't do me any good at all. and that to me that kind of thing on checking out what an education free to do feeling
7:56 pm
again let's remember were here because we recognize that education powers. hi economies and and and an international educational power and national economy on that i know for fact that you would never have a situation like that in shanghai. even the foreskin would never sing in education is the what's the point. it is to motivate the only athlete exactly been cynically many of its percent were going to wrap this up and just ask one final question to me yes or no answer just a year you went to school in shanghai and i live in france if you have kids here if you have kids really wanted them to school came time for france. transit center loss to france because i think in time to reset their recent years with suffering and oppression from family from society from parents. soon i won't. my kid to grow a happy as a kid and not a sound test you have to brew from two years old oh
7:57 pm
three incident. is it so maybe not not not great memories from doing homework until ten pm right thank you very much at one thanks to you for what you often get a big thanks to all our guests to join me a scare on sat then jeff hughes in london have been falling its bias cut thanks to everyone. world news is back on cars and passengers. i do. ong
7:58 pm
the losing move along tuesdays is a little bit lost in. this guy. since we don't really have. her records going back thousands of years. you know something
7:59 pm
about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese from the coherence and useful arts i i i in one the techniques i'd be interested. is that we're not just about winning hit. now it's clear they're interested in. hopi word internally. what energizes us but it's still what is this. peace on it. but consistently suspect it will begin woo hoo hoo is used
8:00 pm
will we. the rta to read edwards noted reveals more about the nsa surveillance program here at the chance to strut the billions of cell phones around the globe of the day putting more just that. the nhl for new police officers face charges over the death of a local homeless man. video shows kelly thomas been beaten in two days by the officers before his death an update on this case a look at police brutality here in the us had. they're force academy in

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